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  1. Agrahari Retail :- An e-commerce Project initiated by Agrahari Community offering house hold products Fabrics, FMCG, Healthcare, Sarees etc. for self consumption. The marketing set-up is constituted by satisfied customers who sign up business agreement as distributors of these products who are rewarded financially for their marketing efforts.
      The profit of Agrahari Retail is mandated to be used for social cause.

  2. Agrahari Matrimonial :- The first Online Matrimonial Portal exclusively for Agrahari Samaj offering data base without any onetime membership fee. This low cost venture allows to sort the data as per your filters and lets them to access on nominal fee charged per profile.
       This service is under development and shall be available soon.
  3. Agrahari Sampark :- The First Online e-magazine of Agrahari Samaj is slated to contain social issues, current affairs, motivational articles, articles on financial management, kids corner and other columns of Agrahari Samaj.
       This magazine shall be available soon.
  4. Agrahari Samaj Trust :- A Social Project which will manage the profit part of Agrahari Retail venture. The fund received will be utilized for social projects in various states being run by the registered state bodies as per terms and conditions laid down by the trustees. This trust shall be managed by the achievers of Agrahari Retail who will be awarded the status of Trustee in the trust.
       This service is under development and shall be available soon.